“Instead go for 100 per cent cotton or linen and cotton blends. At Aura, we love linen/cotton sheets because not only are they highly breathable but they're also multi-seasonal, meaning they're cool in summer and warm in winter. “Once you’ve slept under linen you’ll never go back.” Ms Morris agrees that linen is a luxe choice. “Linen drapes beautifully around the body and has superior durability and moisture wicking properties,” she says. “Bamboo/cotton is popular for its silky feel and hypo allergenic ผ้าปูที่นอนซาติน properties. “Sateen weave sheets are soft with a luxurious lustre and can come in high thread counts. They tend to be warmer than percale or plain weave cotton which has a cool, crisp feel.” TIP: “Remember, though linen sheets have a natural, coarse feel when new, the more you use and wash them, the softer and more enjoyable they become,” Ms Ellis says. Low or high? Foam or latex? Soft or firm? A good pillow is the key ingredient of a good night’s sleep and there are countless options on the market these days, says Mary Nostro, product development manager at manufacturer Tontine.

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