United planes were grounded at Newark International Airport due to a computer glitch on Jan. 23, 2017. The number of flights that were affected was not known. "The ground stop has been lifted. We're working to get flights on their way," United said in a tweet. United said it would waive change fees for passengers with a 'travel waiver' but passengers took their frustration to social media and the Chicago-based airline started responding to their tweets. "This has been the worst customer service experience and worst flying service ever experienced in 30+ years," one passenger tweeted. "My minor son, the one stuck in Tampa with a tumor in his skull? You just told him he can't stay in a hotel. What's your plan?", another passenger tweeted to which the company responded asking for her son's travel details. "We are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue and get out customers to their final destinations," a company spokeswoman Maddie King said in an emailed statement earlier.

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The memo, dated 11 January, said those who were already married to foreigners should declare this within a week. It said failure to do so would "attract disciplinary action". Police spokeswoman Esther Katongo said: "Issues of security are delicate. If not careful, spouses can be spies and can sell the security of the country." Ms Katongo told the BBC that a standing order had been issued, notifying police officers of the measure, but that the ban itself was not new. She said officers had previously obeyed the ban but the new order had been thought necessary because some police had begun ignoring it. "There are a few officers who have started marrying foreigners," she said. "They are ignoring the previous requirement and this is why another standing order has been passed to remind officers what they are supposed flights to mexico city from lax to do and not supposed to do." She said it was likely officers who had married foreigners would now be given "some rules they should follow". Asked why such measures were necessary, Ms Katongo said: "When you get married, they say that you are one. You know what marriage is - you share secrets. And you can tell officers 'do not disclose' but you have no control.

In all, 8.3 million passengers boarded or got off planes at the Findlay airport last year, a 2.2 percent increase over 2015 totals, the Allegheny County Airport Authority announced Friday. It marks the third straight year that passenger volume has increased after years of decline caused by cutbacks from US Airways, now part of American Airlines, and huge losses in connecting traffic. The 8.3 million travelers who used the airport last year add up to the most since 2008, when 8.7 million passengers boarded or got off planes. "I feel like we've turned the corner," said Christina Cassotis, the airport authority's CEO. "Watching years of decline and then some leveling out, I feel like we're finally on the upturn." With the addition of ultra low-fare carriers like Allegiant and Frontier at the airport, as well as new transatlantic service beginning this summer to Iceland and Frankfurt, Germany, Ms. Cassotis believes passenger volumes will continue to grow. "I think we will see passengers continue to be stimulated in this market, meaning people who wouldn't have traveled are now going to start traveling because of services that are now available." Over the last two years, Pittsburgh International has been able to increase the number of nonstop destinations served from 37 to 68, although some of those are seasonable in nature. The airport was able to post the gains despite continuing cuts by American, which is ending nonstop service to Los Angeles next month and has trimmed other flights. American's traffic was down 14 percent last year.

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