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Pierre Poujade, Leader of the Trades Peoples Party, addressing some of his followers at a Congress in Angers in 1958 "Weak against strong," he told me, "Ordinary people against remote elites and simple against intellectual." Image caption Poujade's daughter insists he was not wedded to a right-wing ideology In the hands of a certain type of politician, Prof Shields argues those attitudes can be intoxicating. "When Donald Trump rallies forgotten Americans," he says, "when Nigel Farage speaks for the left-behind, when Marine Le Pen appeals to the forgotten and invisible majority, they are all invoking Poujade's defence of the 'little man'." Poujade is sometimes seen as a figure who emerged from the extreme right, but that misunderstands his appeal and misrepresents his life. His daughter, Marie-Paul Pons, told me that her father had once told his followers to vote for Socialist presidential candidate Francois Mitterrand because he felt that Mitterrand was prepared to listen to the voices of the forgotten voters of deep, rural France. For a period in the 1950s Jean-Marie Le Pen - who went on to found the far-right National Front in France - was a member of Poujade's movement, but the two men fell out. Even then Le Pen was an extremist and he was more interested than his leader in professionalising the party and seeking power. When I asked Madame Pons if she thought her father would have voted for Marine Le Pen in next year's presidential election she was adamant that he wouldn't. And when I asked why her answer was simple. "He didn't like extremes," she told me. Elite of 'isms' Pierre Poujade's movement eventually fizzled out. It had always been a vehicle for expressing popular discontent than a serious political party with a genuine programme for government. It had a touch of theatricality about it too - a blood-curdling oath of loyalty - and there was a whiff of anti-Semitism in its loathing of France's Jewish Prime Minister, Pierre Mendes France.

The problem is when you physically harm children, it leaves a lasting effect, said Reene. Certainly children are resilient and can endure a lot but theres an impact and thats obviously what we always seek to stop and prevent. The Advertiser reached out to Zaherniak by way of Facebook to hear her side of the story, but she said she didnt want to comment. According to statistics from Childrens Trust Fund, a branch of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, from 2009-2014 there was a steady increase of complaints related to child abuse in the state. According to the Michigan State Police Uniform Crime Reports website, there have been a total 38 family and children cases since 2006 that led to arrest in Tuscola County. Bob Wheaton, communications manager and public information officer for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, said in a case of physical abuse, the procedures for the victim to receive help varies. The procedures will vary depending upon whether the child is remaining in the parent or parents home or is placed in foster care by a court, said Wheaton. The child could become a temporary court ward under the care of MDHHS with an assigned foster care worker. Wheaton also said the health departmen provides counseling through Access Alliance, a mental health service. Services differ by age and start from infant to high school age. Some other services the MDHHS provides include Early On, an intervention service for children from newborn to three years of age, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) for mothers with children from birth to five years old, and Tuscola County Foster Closet, offering clothing, shoes, etc.

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