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We were marching for different personal reasons, but the common theme was: We will not be silenced! You will hear us! The chants turn jovial as we begin to gather at the front of the Trump International ชุดเครื่องนอน สีพื้น Hotel. It is here that rounds of boos fill the air. But the crowd remains respectfully defiant in its cries. Its no longer about politics its about being a human being, fighting for the rights of us all. The march turns to the right as we make the turn toward 1600 visit here Pennsylvania Ave. Police and the Secret Service begin to show their presence. We are among the lucky few: the ones who can see our nations home, the White House. But later we learn that many could not make it there. The crowds were just too heavy. Whether or not President Trump hears our cries or denies the truth of the numbers of citizens who have banded together here no longer matters.

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