Not that it bothered Mr Clarke. He later said: "My reaction when interrupted by Humphrys was to interrupt his questions if he was going to interrupt my answers." Everything changed when New Labour arrived on the scene led by a fresh-faced young Tony Blair. New Labour: new approach to the media. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Downing Street threatened to withdraw co-operation from the Today programme after an interview with Harriet Harman And it worked, at the start. When Mr Blair got into big trouble over sleaze allegations he invited me down to Chequers to talk to him for the On The Record programme. "I think most people who have dealt with me think I'm a pretty straight sort of guy and I am," he told me. A month later, there was trouble on a different front. An admittedly lively exchange with Harriet Harman, who was the social security secretary at the time, produced a response from Downing Street the like of which the programme had never generated before. It was a letter threatening to withdraw co-operation from Today unless something was done about what they called the "John Humphrys problem". That letter foreshadowed a more confrontational relationship between Downing Street and journalists, especially in the BBC, over the years to come. In 2003, we invaded Iraq because, we were told by Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Joel Rodriguez and his two-month-old daughter (Courtesy/Rodriguez Family)affordable flights to Paris from jacksonville fl /> (Courtesy: ABIA)(Courtesy: ABIA) Related Coverage South Terminal renovation planned to take you back in time AUSTIN (KXAN) Travelers can rejoice as their travel time will be decreasing withAustin airport adding more nonstop flights. Starting in May, Allegiant will offer seasonal service to Destin, Florida. They will also start year-round nonstop service to Indianapolis. Austin airport introduces nonstop flight to Pittsburgh In July, Southwest will offer weekly flights to Panama City, Florida. They are also adding several flights to Portland, Oregon and nonstop flights to Los Cabos, Mexico on Saturdays. Another new benefit for travelers is a way to make your trip more environmentally friendly. For $2 every thousand miles, passengers flying out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport can choose to donate toa wind farm and forestry project in the Colorado Delta Restoration or Congo/Zambia deforestation projects.Travelers can buy the carbon offsets at the Good Traveler website. The airport has also added more parking options.For $18 a day you can secure a spot in the closest parking lot to the airport with the Family Friendly Valet .Less than half-a-mile away, another new option called the Park & Zoom is open for travelers. Whether youre parking or getting dropped off, you can use your phone to check how long the security checkpoint lines are, just head to the ABIA website .

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