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The blue "Please offer me a seat" badge, and accompanying card, were trialled by 1,200 people in September. The badge will join TfL's "Baby on board" badge for pregnant women as a permanent feature from spring 2017. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called the roll out "great news" for Londoners. During the trial, 72% of journeys were said to be easier as a result of the badge, while in 86% of trips participants reported feeling more confident when asking for a seat. Image copyright Trasnport for London Twitter user @BlueTube2016, who blogged about her experience during the trial, said: "Before I had the badge, I was always really anxious about travelling on peak. "Without something to see, I didn't want to risk being interrogated about my invisible disability, or have to justify my need for a seat, so I suffered in silence. "Before I had the badge, I never had the confidence to ask for a seat unless I had a visible sign," she said. While welcoming the scheme, Alan Benson, chair of Transport for All, warned that some customers "don't want to use a badge and card". "We want to see those people supported too, and for everyone to get a seat who needs one." When it is launched, TfL will become the first European transport provider to officially recognise hidden impairments in such a way, it is believed.

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