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Olivia Culpo Names the Shoes You Should Live in This Summer

And slides!  They’re everywhere and so comfy to slip on for the pool, for travel, or the beach. I’ve also been seeing a lot of headscarves that I think will be fun for summer. B+C: Any trends you hate/will be avoiding? OC: I hate wearing socks with sandals but I don’t anticipate seeing that this summer so I think I’m in the clear. (Photo via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Lucky Brand) B+C: What labels are your favorites right now? OC: For beauty , everything from Charlotte Tilbury. I also LOVE the Dior brow styler in Universal — it literally works for everyone! I’m also loving Dior for fashion, especially their choker s! B+C:  You seem to be up for trying all kinds of styles. Is there anything you will never wear?

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