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A Lawmakers Shower of Love

He started harvesting so much more from his farm and his family begin to feed better. With richer pocket, Inuwa about a year ago took a second wife who just gave birth to a boy. Recounting his experience, Inuwa said: “I am a farmer and due to water scarcity the yield from my farm was little and I found it difficult to feed my family, I was not the only one affected, it was a problem that affected everyone in our local government, we presented our complaint to some elders who approached Hon. Betara, he dug borehole for us and brought a water pumping machine for each of the farmers, he did not stop here, he doled out money which we used to buy seeds and till our farms. “The donation impacted positively on our lives, the water scarcity became a thing of the past and now I no longer hire water pump machine for my irrigation activities, which has boost my farm yields. Before the gift of water pump machine from Hon. Betara, I was not producing more than 10 bags of crops, but on getting it, I now produce 30 bags. This has equally assisted me to take good care of my family, I used to find it difficult to feed my moderate family of a wife and four children but with my new economic status just last year, I married a second wife and she just gave birth to a son; and feeding has not been a problem, all thanks to the Honourable.” In Shani, the case of Abubakar Imam, a man in his thirties was not different from Hamisu Inuwa, he could hardly feed his family as output from his farm was nothing to write home about. He even took to shoe cobbling to supplement his income, even with this life was really hard.

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Rebecca Minkoff to Unveil Smart Bags for Spring

“Your [smartphone] map knows that you’re walking towards the subway, it automatically knows that your meetings are done for the day…. Things are being done for you. Your devices are connected and they’re able to take action based on a certain stimulus. That’s the world that we’re starting to move towards.” Rebecca Minkoff is no stranger to innovating with technology — the brand has a self-checkout option at its SoHo store and live-streamed its fall 2016 show in 360 virtual reality in partnership with Ripple. But its latest handbag initiative gets more personal, aiming to incorporate technology seamlessly into the lifestyles of its Millennial customer base. Minkoff emphasized that the timing on the launch was right, citing the success of Pokémon Go and the sense of discovery and surprise it elicited in users. “When you look at bags, you have this beautiful item that you’re taking กระเป๋าสะพายหลัง ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก โรง เกลือ with you everywhere, but on its own, it has no life. It’s not connected. It holds your stuff and it looks good, but what if this thing could carry out a role or a function within this larger, connected world that we’re moving into?” Minkoff said.

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