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school system - canceled classes on Tuesday. Districts in Boston, Fairfax County, Virginia, and Philadelphia were also shut. Federal agencies in Washington D.C. said that they were opening three hours later than normal on Tuesday. BOSTON BRACES FOR SNOW The storm comes near the end of an unusually mild winter along much of the East Coast, with below-normal snowfalls in cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C. Boston was braced for up to a foot of snow, which forecasters warned would fall quickly during the storm's peak. Washington D.C., a city which functions badly with even small amounts of snow, was expecting 5 inches (13 cm) and twice that in outlying areas. Snow fall will be heavy at times with as much as 4 inches an hour expected to fall with winds reaching up to 60 mph (100 kph) in parts of the northeast, the National Weather Service warned. "Visibilities will become poor with whiteout conditions at times," it said.

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Its new on our radar. Port Royal town manager Van Willis said he thinks his town will also consider a ban. Town Council will cover a wide range of issues during its annual retreat Saturday. At the same time, state lawmakers are considering a bill barring local governments from banning the bags. The bills advocates say the bags support jobs and that a ban in certain municipalities could be a burden to businesses. In addition to the environmental concerns surrounding plastic bags, Murray said the General Assembly proposal raises the issue of home rule, the municipalities right to govern themselves. Isle of Palms banned plastic bags in 2015, and Folly Beach followed with similar rules restricting the bags in 2016. The petition was posted on by the user Lowcountry Citizens Ready for Change and notes plastic bags negative effect on the water, soils and marine life. The bags from groceries, carry-out and convenience stores can end up in the marsh and waterways and affect sea turtles and birds, environmentalists say. Turtles mistake the bags for jellyfish, and eating them can cause intestinal issues and starvation, said Rikki Parker, a project manager with the Coastal Conservation League. When the bags break down, smaller animals eat the plastic, which is then ingested by humans as seafood, she said. The Coastal Conservation League has advocated for coastal cities to make their own rules related to the bags.

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